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Dianne Feinstein Says Trump’s New Policies Are Criminalizing Illegal Aliens

Dianne Feinstein recently took to twitter so slam the President saying that Trump’s new immigration policies are criminalizing illegal aliens.

Reacting to Attorney General Jeff Session’s recent pledge to actually begin anew the enforcement our nation’s immigration laws, Feinstein had somewhat of a meltdown. Taking to her twitter account to declare,

“@TheJusticeDept should not shift its limited resources to criminalizing undocumented immigrants.”

Illegal aliens are breaking the law, and it’s a law that Sessions and Trump had nothing to do with writing. So how exactly is Trump criminalizing a criminal act?

That wasn’t the only tweet she sent out though. She went on,

“Make no mistake, this is not about public safety. It’s about pushing a false narrative that all undocumented immigrants are criminals.”

It is Dianne Feinstein and her Democrat colleagues who seem intent on pushing the false narrative, that just because you oppose illegal immigration, and god forbid you actually enforce it if you are in public office, then that some how makes you a racist, or a xenophobic monster.

As established by federal immigration law, undocumented immigrants are criminals because they are breaking the law. It’s not a false narrative to say that they are criminals because they are criminals.

if anyone were interested in perusing more of Dianne Feinstein’s nonsense on the matter she linked her tweets to another statement she made on the matter:

The Justice Department has limited resources. It’s troubling that Attorney General Sessions is directing the department to shift its resources to criminalizing undocumented immigrants and prosecuting them under felony charges for simply working. California’s agriculture industry, for example, could be devastated under these new policies.

At the same time Attorney General Sessions wants to use more federal resources to prosecute immigrants, the Trump administration has proposed cutting vital Justice Department support for state and local law enforcement by $700 million and eliminating legal assistance for low-income Americans. These are the wrong priorities for our country.

I’m also concerned that Attorney General Sessions is hindering the ability of U.S. attorneys’ offices to focus their resources on the needs of their communities. U.S. attorneys should not be forced to divert their resources from important cases already underway, including financial fraud, cybercrime and sex trafficking.

This is not about improving public safety. This is about furthering a false narrative that all undocumented immigrants are dangerous criminals.

Trump’s policies do no such thing of course. Session comments, while in Nogales, AZ, only served notice that enforcing existing laws, and supporting the federal officers who help in that process was going to be a real focus of Trump’s Justice Department.

In all of her self-righteous rage, Feinstein omitted all the stories about illegal aliens raping and killing Americans. Feinstein’s political correct view of illegal aliens in this country is the only false narrative anyone should be concerned with.

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