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Glenn Beck Makes GAME CHANGING Announcement About Bill O’Reilly-THIS IS HUGE

It’s sad how liberals cheer to the fact that O’Reilly’s life is ruined. The man’s reputation went down the hill, and his fans lost one of their favorite hosts. O’Reilly lost everything because of someone’s lame interests.

Now Glenn Beck did something to express his view on the scandal that destroyed O’Reilly’s life. He posted a video on his Facebook page. This changes the whole scenario, as most would agree. The video reveals details that speak volumes about the actual truth, and we haven’t seen anything like that presented by the mainstream media.

Beck said that he and his co-worker Bill O’Reilly had the opportunity to work and be close to countless beautiful women, but none of O’Reilly’s activities actually revealed that he committed the “stuff” he is now accused of. This was a clear introduction into what he was saying. Beck believes that O’Reilly never did anything to hurt or disrespect women.

Make sure you watch it, and you will learn the truth. Bill O’Reilly never did any of the assaults he is accused of. His lawyer shares the same opinion, and he claims that Bill O’Reilly is caught in the net of a far-left smear campaign. This is something we have already seen before, because liberals can destroy a person only because they believe the world is in their hands.

This is a fishy game, and unfortunately, an innocent man was professionally destroyed.

What do you think about the shocking video Glenn Beck posted? Do you support him? Are liberals responsible for Bill O’Reilly’s tragedy?

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